Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Meatless Monday: Greek-Style Burgers

Hope everyone is on their way to Halloween recovery.  Even with yesterday being the biggest celebration of junk food for the year, we managed to have a pretty healthy dinner that is so tasty.

We started off with the recipe for  Greek-Style Quinoa Burgers but I make mine with boxed couscous instead of quinoa. I used 3/4 of the finished amount of couscous and then add an extra egg to the mixture (so two eggs total).  This makes us six burgers.
I serve these burgers with homemade tzatziki, a couple slices of cucumber and on Flatout Fold-it Breads instead of pita.  I skip the recipe given with the burger recipe.  My tzatziki recipe is based on the recipe shared by Stephanie at the Coexist Cafe.  I use the same ingredients but I actually 1/2 the amount of yogurt.  We love a strong tzatziki at our house.
On the side we've got some homemade hummus and a handful of Pretzel Crisps (Everything flavor.. my favorite with hummus).

These would also be great with some grilled or steamed veggies on the side or a nice Greek Salad.  I've also added other toppings onto my burger such as feta, hummus, kalamata olives.  Try to mix it up with what you like.
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