Friday, February 04, 2011

Friday Night Pizza!

Dan and I were both in the mood for some pizza for dinner on Friday night.  It was great night for us to have a nice evening together and enjoy a movie (old, married folks do date night in-house sometimes).  So instead of forking over $20-$30 for a take-out pizza from whatever major chain or even a local pizza establishment, I decided to see what options were available to us at the local Fresh Market.

As I have mentioned before, I would probably almost kill to have a Whole Foods that is close to us, but unfortunately the nearest one is about 100 miles away.  We do, however, have a Fresh Market that is right near my office.  While Fresh Market does not have the variety that Whole Foods does, they still carry a quality of product that, to me, is a bit improved over most of the other big box grocery stores.  We've also tried a handful of other freezer to over pizzas, and while some of them were good, none were overwhelming.  There was always that residual freezer flavor at the end.

I was pleasantly surprised to find a couple options at Fresh Market and decided to go with their in-house brand.  I picked up the Fresh Market Margherita Pizza and the White Pizza flavors - which happen to be the only two varieties of their brand available that did not include meat (two other flavors available are Pepperoni and BBQ Style Chicken).  BONUS! Pizzas were on sale - Two for $9.00!  We decided on the Margherita to have first and it came out great.  The instructions are to bake directly on the rack so the crust did get crispy and nice and brown.  The flavors were great and although, yes, it was clearly a frozen pizza, I was quite impressed with the flavor.  The most notable for me was that when I opened the oven to remove the pizza, the entire kitchen filled with the wonderful aroma of fresh basil. 

The pizza was enough to feed us both without us actually gorging ourselves.  Nice thin crust and, as mentioned, wonderful flavor (for a frozen pizza).  Well worth the $4.50.


eadeaton said...

Good frozen pizzas are definitely hard to find. Good to know Fresh Market has tasty ones. Side question - what movie do old married couples watch on Friday nights?

Jesi said...

We finally watched Scott Pilgrim!

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