Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Five

I'm going to try something new this Friday that hopefully I'll be able to stick with each week (no promises, but I'll try!).  I read a lot of articles every week about tons of topics like fitness and food and sustainability and technology and whatever else I might come across in a week.  I always want to share this info with everyone, but it's not usually a whole-post sort of thing.  So why not combine them together, right?  Here is the first installment of the Friday Five.

Five Packaged Foods You Never Need to Buy Again - A great article that I came across actually last week and I made stock last week too!  These are five items (soup, stock, hummus, canned beans, and cereal) that are super easy to make at home so that you will save a few dollars and lots of nutritional benefits (like less to no chemicals!).  It's a great starter list for anyone that is interested in more homemade options (like me)!

Save Vegetable Scraps for Stock  - In conjunction with making homemade stock last week, I did a little more digging and research.  I came across this post that has a great list of veggies and how to save scraps in the freezer.  I actually went out and bought brand new veggies to make stock, but now that I learned this method, there for sure is a freezer bag in my freezer!

Olympian Natalie Coughlin on food: Eat healthfully, but enjoy it - So happy to find this article, and super excited that it features Natalie Coughlin.  This is my take on eating in a nutshell.  Am I working hard at eating right and healthy?  Yes.  Do I splurge sometimes and get 'bad' foods?  Yes.  I'm not going to restrict myself so much that I'm miserable, but I'm sure paying attention to what goes in my body always. Lots of good foods... always!

Cage free vs. pasture raised - A quick article that talks about eggs.  We've covered these options before and I really like the 'pasture raised' option.  Oh.. and the pictures are awesome.

The 5-Step Plan to Success after Failing - I've recently discovered the Nerd Fitness website and it's really cool.  To me, it seems like real info, with a bit of humor, but not bullshit.  Straight-up, here is how it is.  They have a large community base too so it might be something you will be further interested.  This article is awesome.  Everyone fails and everyone needs a pick-me-up.  These are great tips on how to get back on track and succeed.

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