Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Downside of Learning

I keep reading and learning and educating myself and reading and watching and listening and trying to understand all that is available about food and what is going into our bodies with each bit.
It's been amazingly eye opening, but I'm learning that there is a downside to all of this learning.  Fortunately, I think it is a good downside.

I've got my brain wrapped around most of the produce issues (still working out changes in my purchasing habits but getting there) and I've cut out all meat so no issues there.  So we move onto the next big thing.  The one that I've held onto through the last eight months of life changing... fish.

I've mentioned this lightly over the last few weeks or so, but I think it might have to go.  Found this article at Sustainable Sushi that was enlightening and made me want to learn more.  So it might happen.... sigh... then I'll for sure have to think up a new name for this site.

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