Saturday, June 04, 2011

Diet Dining-Out and Vacation time!

We've been eating out less and less in the last few months and last week, Dan and I stopped by our favorite breakfast spot.  We hadn't been since September of last year.  Since then, not only have I adopted my pescetarian diet, but I've been on this mission to lose 15 lbs (down 14.8 and 3 days to go to reach my goal!!).  I went ahead and decided to splurge and treat myself to a vegetarian omelet with a side of pancakes.  I will fully admit that I at all three of those, what I would call medium-sized, pancakes, but I used half as much syrup and butter than I would have previously.  Also, I only ate half, or less, of the omelet.  The thing was sooo big that I think if I would have polished it off I would have been instantly sick.  As it was, the amount that I ate was still way too much.

Next week, we will be on vacation.  We're spending a week in Florida with another couple and between the four of us, our favorite past-time is eating.  We've got some spots already picked out for pizza, dim sum, greek, sushi, breakfast spots and a few others. But, we've also got a couple vegan stops planned and will be just across the street from a Whole Foods market.  My plan is to eat fun but eat smart.  I'm really looking forward to trying some new eateries.  I'm hoping to stick to my pescetarianism and stay on a healthy track... but I won't be fooling myself - it is vacation! Will I have a vegan cupcake? Yes!  Will I have six of them? Probably not... unless they are THAT good!  I've got my arsenal of iPhone apps (fitness and healthy eating), a wealth of knowledge and the understanding of what my body needs to feel good.  I've also got some good will-power and serious determination to continue to become more and more healthy!

Here's a great infographic that I ran across today.  Gives us a little bit to think about, especially when ordering out.

fat americans
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