Friday, January 07, 2011

Hot & Sour Soup

Friday night's dinner was Hot & Sour Soup based on a Pampered Chef Recipe.
I know I've bombarded you with PC Recipes all week, but so far this is the only Vegetarian cookbook I have so that is how I set up our first week.

This soup was very tasty but a little too much vinegar for us.  I added some extra veggie stock to the left overs and will test it out tomorrow for lunch to see if that toned down the sour part at all.  I used only 1 tsp of the recommend 1-2 tsps of Red Curry paste, since, as mentioned yesterday, I'm not a big spicy fan.  I do love vinegar though and after i finished my bowl, I polished off the rest of Dan's too.  We enjoyed the soup with some store bought Spring Rolls from Fresh Market and the combo made for a great meal.

I'm excited to start working on next weeks menu.  So far so good!  Tomorrow, I'll be searching and researching recipes for next week so I can hit the grocery store Sunday and get stocked up.  Planning on a 'recipe free' meal of zucchini (probably roasted) and stuffed mushrooms.

[EDIT] After adding the extra (2 cups) of veggie stock to the left overs, it really helped to cut the vinegar and it was excellent left-overs for lunch!![/EDIT]

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