Sunday, January 23, 2011

Shrimp Stir-Fry

I don't recall how we got on the topic late Friday night, but we decided on some stir-fry for the weekend.  Then the idea of shrimp entered the ring and it was on!  The best part about living in the 'Low Country' is that we have a pretty short distance to travel to get fresh seafood.  Our little area is home to the Bluffton Oyster Company who offers a selection of all sorts of seafood and is our favorite place to get shrimp.  I stopped by Saturday afternoon after some other errands and picked up just under a pound (0.80 lb to be exact) of peel-on, fresh jumbo shrimp.

Earlier in the day, while shopping for the weekly basics, I had picked up some sugar-snap peas and some sliced button mushrooms as well to go in the big stir-fry plan.  That was as far as I had got in the plan.  I knew I had rice at home and soy sauce and was just going to fry up the veggies and shrimp and mix it all up.  But something better happened....

When we got married, one of the gifts I, ok, we, received was the Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book, Bridal Edition and I have to honestly say that if I could only have one cookbook in my house, it would be this one.  It has recipes for all the basics as well as some interesting alternatives.  The thing I love about this cookbook is that it includes lots of tips recipes for random things like rice (yes, plain rice!), deviled eggs, and other simple classics - things that you might not really need a recipe for, but are glad you have something to reference in case you aren't sure (this can't be just me, right?).  Since I didn't have a recipe for the stir-fry, I turned right to my trusty BHG Cook Book and found one... for Shrimp Stir-fry too!  The recipe I based our meal on was for shrimp and broccoli stir-fry, but I switched it up with the sugar-snap peas.  Once I found this recipe I was SO happy that I had picked up the mushrooms.  I was at the store wandering around trying to figure out what else to put into a stir-fry (this is why I can't go grocery shopping unprepared).

We served the shrimp stir-fry over plain white, long grain rice and it was delicious.  We've already planned to use this same basic recipe to make a pepper stir-fry later this week (Bell peppers were on sale this week at the store, so I bought several).  Also, because I have limited grasp of how much cooked rice is yielded from two cups of uncooked, I'll be using the extra rice to make a fried rice dish too.  All-in-all, this worked out great.  Additionally, we've learned, well, further learned, that we don't need to have any special, fancy vegetarian, pescetarian or vegan cookbooks to eat a pescetarian diet.

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