Sunday, January 02, 2011


Welcome to our first day of vegetarianism... well no, after some research, I've learned that since we have decided to continue to include fish in our diet that we are actually practicing Pescetarianism.   My husband decided that we should try something new for health reasons (we've both been adding lots of pounds lately) so here we are in the new year with a new diet.  I've done a bit of menu planning and been pretty good so far this week.  No meat at all.  No fish either.  So, since I feel the need to keep track of new ventures, figured I'd try to turn this is into a bit of a photo blog of dinners (and maybe some impressive breakfasts or lunches once I get there (so far just leftovers)). 

My goal on the blog:  Post a photo and the corresponding recipe (if available online or if I take the time to type it) and then provide yay or nay comments or changes made, etc.  There may be some other random posts in between too.  We'll roll with it as we go along.

So enjoy...

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